Archiving Solutions

Cyberstudies and supplies Archiving Solutions exploiting at most the available area. Our archives are modular, expandable and completely adaptable to the kind of material to be stored. A dedicated management software allows a constant updating of the archive data.

Cyber Archiving Solutions allow to increase considerably the archiving capacity of the dedicated area, facilitate and quicken the research of archived folders and documents, assure their protection and preservation, increase the productivity and improve the working conditions of the operators, guaranteeing an organized and efficient work.

OFFICE – Vertical Rotating Archives
Automatic archiving System for the organization of documents and data. Thanks to the internal carriers rotating vertically, it allows to exploit the whole height of the rooms maximizing archiving capacity.
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VICTOR PLUS – Horizontal Compactable Archives
Hand wheel operated or automatic mobile compactable archives. Sliding on dedicated rails on the floor, these systems “compact” creating an access aisle in the required position, without leaving any unused space.
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ARCHline – Compactable cabinets ARCHline
Elegant archiving system composed of compactable sliding cabinets that can be offered in maple wood, walnut or grey metal. Its finishing is defined in details, its sliding capacity, without any noises, make ARCHline ideal to fulfill any aesthetic and functional needs of the office.
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Special cabinets and chests of drawers for large sized items
Customized cabinets and chests of drawers for large sized items
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Containers and equipments for museums and exhibitions
Special cabinets and displays ideal to archive prints, pictures, documents and different kinds of objects with different size. They can be used for museums and exhibitions.
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Office furniture and fittings
Cyber supplies office furniture and fittings suitable to create a comfortable working environment: workstations, managerial/executive offices, wall unit, seats etc.
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CYBERBoxes – Boxes
Alveolar Polypropylene Boxes suitable for documents archiving.
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Software CYBER.doc
CYBER.doc is the Software for the computerized management of documents archives, supplied by Cyber with its archiving systems.
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