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E-pol is a company based in Piacenza near Milan, which manages and sells mobile phone accessories and components in e-commerce.

E-pol has asked Cyber for a solution to store in a rational, fast and immediate way a very large number of components, accessories and electronic small parts for mobile telephony.
The company E-pol has expressed specific needs for speed, as it works in e-commerce.

The storage and management system required should have a rather limited footprint given the small size of the premises dedicated to the warehouse.

Cyber has solved in an efficient way and with economic investment completely proportionate to the turnover of the client company the problem that had been reported by E-pol.

Cyber tailored and supplied two automatic vertical carousel warehouses, which the customer defined as the optimal solution for their needs.

The safety of the operators is guaranteed by safety devices that are always active.



maximum exploitation of surfaces;
precise and fast search, identification and availability of the document;
clarity and method in the general procedures of archive organisation;
protection of documents from atmospheric agents.
ergonomic accessibility to the material.

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