Cyber Pharma Dispenser

High-containment medicines dispenser with automatic pickup arm.

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Cyber  Pharma Dispenser
Cyber  Pharma Dispenser
Cyber  Pharma Dispenser
Cyber  Pharma Dispenser
Pharma Dispenser ad alto contenimento di farmaci con braccio di prelievo automatico.]
Magazzino automatico ad alto contenimento di farmaci]

Based on the "Vertical Carousel" system, it is equipped with internal rotating carriers completely configurable in height and width to allow the storage of products with various shapes and sizes.
The medicines are picked up automatically thanks to the robotized arm that makes it available in the front collection stations.


  • Huge space recovery inside the Pharmacy.
  • CYBER PHARMA DISPENSER  is equipped with robotized picking arm: picking automation.
  • Delivery of the medicines picked up in special collection stations, each one assigned to a different operator.
  • Fast and safe picking of the medicines contained in C.P.D.: guided picking, fast picking.
  • Rapid and safe loading of the medicines in C.P.D. Guided refilling, fast refilling.
  • Physical safety for the operators, who do not have to go up and down stairs or steps.
  • Complete exploitation of the spaces and heights available in the premises.
  • All medicines are protected from external atmospheric agents, protected from light and dust.
  • The stock and minimum stock are verifiable and manageable at all times.

Technical details

CYBER Pharma Dispenser is tailor-made according to the size of the pharmacy.


Software for the management, handling and tracking of medicines and products contained within the Cyber automated systems.

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