Cyber Klima Cargo

Automatic system with rotating carriers for the containment and management of medicines at controlled temperature.

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Cyber Klima Cargo
Cyber Klima Cargo

Based on the "Vertical Carousel" system, CYBER KLIMA Cargo is the ideal temperature and humidity controlled storage system for pharmaceutical products requiring special storage conditions.

COIBENTION SYSTEM with insulating polyurethane insulating panels that cover the entire external surface of CYBER KLIMA Cargo.

REFRIGERATION SYSTEM with monobloc device composed of condensing unit external to Klima Cargo and internal air evaporator installed in the upper part of CYBER KLIMA Cargo.
CYBER KLIMA Cargo is equipped with an electronic panel for the management, control, protection, safety and tracking of the operation and functioning of the refrigeration and air conditioning system.

FRONT SCREEN OPENING with a series of anti-condensation glazed doors that are easy to open and close. It is possible to set the temperature of CYBER KLIMA Cargo between -30°C and +8°C.


  • CYBER KLIMA Cargo has a formidable dimensioning flexibility with a height of up to 6 metres. This allows the user to totally avoid the installation of cold rooms.
  • The internal rotating carriers can be perfectly configured according to the geometric dimensions of the products.
  • CYBER KLIMA Cargo is equipped with an integrated refrigeration device acting as a thermostat and digital thermometer.
  • CYBER KLIMA Cargo is controlled by an electronic panel that allows the management, protection and tracking of all operational actions and refrigeration and air conditioning functions.
  • CYBER KLIMA Cargo is equipped with a touch-screen panel for control and movement with interface function between the user and the machine.
  • CYBER KLIMA Cargo is equipped with anti-condensation glass leaf doors.

Technical details

CYBER KLIMA Cargo is tailor-made according to the size of the rooms that has to be organized.


Software for the management, handling and tracking of medicines and products contained within the Cyber automated systems.

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