Cyber Histo Cargo

Automatic system with rotating carriers for the storage, management and conservation of slides and inclusions in Pathological Anatomy.

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Cyber Histo Cargo
Cyber Histo Cargo
Cyber Histo Cargo

CYBER HISTO-Cargo is an automatic containment system with rotating carrirers, specifically designed for the containment, classification and handling of histotecas.
CYBER HISTO-Cargo solves the management and logistic problems of the archives of slides and inclusions present in the Pathological Anatomy Departments.

Based on the Automatic Vertical Carousels system, CYBER HISTO-Cargo can be controlled by computer complete with Management Software. The CYBER keyboard is a real "operator panel" that allows the operator to access a large number of slides and inclusions by standing in front of the machine worktop.


  • Strong compaction of the spaces occupied by slides or inclusions.
  • Almost immediate search times for the windows/inclusions, and certain availability of the material sought.
  • Possibility to label the analyses during the preparation phase.
  • Each label will have the destination of the slide or inclusion imprinted on it.
  • Each glass cabinet/inclusion will be assigned to a specific location.
  • Possibility of mapping also histotecas not previously organized with Cyber-Pharma Systems.
  • Possibility to lock the Containment Systems avoiding improper subtractions by unauthorized persons.
  • Great recovery of energy by the personnel in charge. 

Technical details

CYBER HISTO-Cargo is tailor-made based on the size of the products to be organised.


Software for the management, handling and tracking of medicines and products contained within the Cyber automated systems.

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