Vertical Automatic System with shifting trays

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The ELE.MAG system is modularly constructed and exploits the height of the room, significantly reducing storage costs.
With ELE.MAG the whole warehouse is within the operator's reach. The modularity and versatility of ELE.MAG allow to create a "tailor-made" warehouse for every storage need and for every type of material to be managed with a strong rationalization of the stock management of goods, clear organization and strict control of the warehouse.
Equipment with control and piloting software, possibility of interfacing with Existing Management Systems, also for handling from remote locations.
Possibility of integration with automatic picking systems, robots and cobots for fully automated use without the presence of the operator.
Many accessories and options make ELE.MAG suitable for installation in any warehouse environment, even in particularly severe conditions.
For a complete interaction with the warehouse layout, ELE.MAG can be equipped with overlapping bays and/or to facilitate and speed up the activity of the operators.


  • Maximum use of available heights.
  • Extreme flexibility of use and simplicity in the configuration and customization of the internal trays.
  • Ability to store products with highly heterogeneous shapes and weights, even inside the same tray.
  • Protection of the stored material, with access restrictions for authorized personnel only.
  • Tracking and storage of accesses and operations performed.
  • Remote assistance connection for a remote check-up and control of the functional status of the warehouse.

Technical details

Features Elemag:

  • External height: up to 12 meters
  • External width: from mm 1950 to mm 4700
  • External depth: model with internal bay 3300 - model with external bay 3300+1000

Trays features:

  • Internal useful width: from mm 1250 to mm 4000
  • Internal usable depth: mm 850
  • Tray height: mm 90
  • Loading height: up to 400 mm


  • Elemag load capacity: 60000 kg
  • Tray capacity: kg 500


  • Maximum speed: 1.5 m/sec
  • Average speed: 1.0 m/sec


Software for the management, handling and tracking of pharmaceuticals and products contained within the Cyber Automated Systems

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