Automatic rotating system for the containment and management of materials

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CARGO Vertical Carousels are automatic storage systems that allow to fully exploit the height of the rooms.
They are equipped with internal carriers that rotate on the user's request. The chosen carrier is automatically positioned in correspondence of the picking bay from where it is possible to pick up the required material.
In the Vertical Carousels, the search for a floor is carried out using the touch screen keyboard or through the Cyber.Doc Management Software.
The safety of the operators is guaranteed by always active optical and mechanical safety devices.


  • Increased picking speed.
  • Goods-to-man. The operator receives the required product without having to move.
  • Optimal drug storage and drastic reduction of the risk of deterioration.
  • Reduction of time in picking and refilling operations.
  • Access allowed only to authorized operators.
  • Automatic interfacing and piloting through the integrated software Cyber.Easy.Store.
  • Inventory always available and updated in real time.
  • Reduction in the timing of global warehouse management activities.
  • Automatic picking setting: the anthropomorphic robots applicable to Cargo systems revolutionize the picking setting of products and automate the total activity in a simple and safe way also reducing the time needed to organize the activities of the robots themselves.

Technical details

Cargo can be equipped with:

  • mobile vertical or horizontal separators for the creation of compartments
  • special custom-made drawers for articles of various sizes
  • pull-out drawers on telescopic slides for storing small parts
  • light bar for guided picking
  • automatic handling control software.


Software for the management, handling and tracking of pharmaceuticals and products contained within the Cyber Automated Systems

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