Automatic tracking systems

CYBER: Intralogistics, tracking and tracing systems

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Automatic tracking systems

Cyber has developed over time the skills to identify, track and organize each type of product.

The most suitable technology for the Customer is chosen starting from:

  • an initial analysis of the project data;
  • a careful evaluation of the activities that the Client will have to carry out;
  • the logistic-environmental conditions of these activities.

The combination and analysis of this information allows us to choose the most suitable hardware among those available on the market.

The CYBER.RFID software coordinates the integration and communication of all hardware components ensuring the best possible performance.

The tracking system, interfaced with the existing WMS Management System (or developed and supplied by CYBER and customized) become the perfect combination to monitor and track the processes/products considered important.


Why track?

The need for tracking is increasingly important in the multiple company supply chains, both for Safety and Management aspects.

Over time, technology has provided increasingly advanced tools for tracking products and processes, meeting the natural needs of complexity, flexibility and speed required by the market.

There is not a tracking technology better than the others, but there are substantial differences that it is important to consider before choosing the most suitable tracking solution.

Technical details

Cargo can be equipped with:

  • mobile vertical or horizontal separators for the creation of compartments;
  • special custom made drawers for articles of various sizes;
  • pull-out drawers on telescopic slides for storing small parts;
  • light bar for guided picking;
  • automatic handling control software.


Software for the management, handling and tracking of pharmaceuticals and products contained within the Cyber Automated Systems

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