Anthropomorphic Robots and Cobots

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Anthropomorphic Robots and Cobots

The perfect integration between our logistics systems for the organization of your products and the technology of Robots and Anthropomorphic Cobots (Collaborative Robots) guarantees a complete automation, with consequent tracking, of the logistic activities in your Warehouse and in your Production.
This integration provides a final logistics solution able to guarantee the achievement of automation and process autonomy with a high impact on the final ROI of the system.

Specific accessories, such as pneumatic and electrical gripping systems and 2D-3D scanning and vision systems, allow to realize specific solutions for each single project, customizing it and sewing it to your specific needs.

The collaborative robotics of the Cobots also allows the installation and use of these systems also in environments and in stations where the staff is present for manual activities, all with maximum safety.


Maximum Flexibility: Thanks to compact dimensions, small footprint and easy transfer to new processes we can automate any process without changing the production layout.

Collaborative and safe: Certified to work side by side safely with manual operators without any barriers sharing the same workspace to increase efficiency and productivity.

Quick Setup: Cobots have revolutionized the setup of traditional robots, reducing typical start-up times from weeks to a few hours.

Technical details

Latest generation Collaborative Robot, equipped with force and speed control, with innovative programming interface; therefore suitable to be used without protection barriers and by personnel without specific programming knowledge.


Software for the management, handling and tracking of pharmaceuticals and products contained within the Cyber Automated Systems

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