AGV - Automated Guided Vehicle

Automatically driven vehicles without operator

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AGV - Automated Guided Vehicle

Speed, safety in the handling of the internal transport of goods, immediate vision of the state of the route to be covered, strong reduction of errors and elimination of search times are the strengths of the Automatic Guided Systems.
Automatic driven systems are innovative and intelligent solutions that allow the handling of materials without the use of an operator, in total safety.
The different navigation technologies allow to choose the best product in relation to the infrastructure within which it will have to move, ensuring optimal, safe and monitored routes and stops.

Inertial" systems, "laser" guided systems and "inductive" guided systems can be applied to:
- Forklift trucks with front forks
- Warehouses (trilateral forklift trucks or forklift trucks with telescopic forks)
- Shuttles for the transport of pallets, crates, pre-fitted trolleys, material in general,

allowing their installation and use almost everywhere, even in environments with severe conditions, such as refrigerated environments (even with temperatures below zero) and restricted access environments.

Specific software, dedicated to traffic management and supervision, allows a clear and instantaneous mapping of the vehicles inside the structure, monitoring for each vehicle the route and the mission in progress as well as the activities assigned to it pending execution.


AGV systems with automatic guidance are highly innovative, versatile and very economical machines.
These tools allow to completely revolutionize the logistic and production organization of the company, favouring the introduction of what in the technical language is called Lean Manufacturing with an almost total reduction of waste and errors that can occur during the production process.
AGV systems make it possible to increase company productivity and improve competitiveness on the market.

Technical details

Automatically driven vehicles can be distinguished on the basis of the driving systems.
The most common guidance systems include: optical guidance, odometric guidance, mixed guidance, laser guidance and magnetic guidance.
It will be the responsibility of Cyber's technical department to study the optimal solution according to the specific needs of the customer.


Software for the management, handling and tracking of pharmaceuticals and products contained within the Cyber Automated Systems

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