Archline - Compact cabinets

Elegant filing system consisting of sliding cabinets that maximize the available space

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Archline - Compact cabinets
Archline - Compact cabinets
Archline - Compact cabinets
Archline - Compact cabinets

Available in maple, walnut or grey metal, to blend in perfectly with existing furniture. Its detailed finishing touches, its quietness and smoothness make it suitable to satisfy every aesthetic and functional need of the office.

ARCHline is simple and quick to use: the cabinets slide on special floor tracks, compacting and creating a pick-up corridor in the desired position, without leaving unused spaces. Thanks to its smoothness, a small movement is sufficient to allow the cabinets to be moved.


  • Significant increase in storage capacity in relation to surface area occupied;
  • Ability to store documents of any format;
  • Optimal organization of documents.

Technical details

The translation of the cabinets is made with wheels made of nylon-coated bearings to give a remarkable smoothness and silence.

Each cabinet is equipped with an anti-tipping safety device.

The rails are composed of 25x25x2 tubulars with a press-bent sheet metal welded to the outside for anti-tilting. These rails are joined together by tubulars of the same section, forming a grid that also acts as a distribution of the total load of the Plant.

The platform consists of chipboard panels covered with light grey laminate.

The entire base structure has no fixing points to the existing floor.

Standard colours: light grey Ral 7035, maple, walnut


The software allows to optimally manage the archive by providing functions such as: archive mapping, document encoding and search, user management.

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