Software Cyber.Easy.doc

Software for the computerized management of document archives provided by Cyber in combination with its own archiving systems

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Software Cyber.Easy.doc
Software Cyber.Easy.doc

The software allows to optimally manage the archive by providing functions such as: archive mapping, document encoding and search, user management.


  • Practical traceability and documentation.
  • A clear and precise overview of the whole archive and of all the various documents with immediate knowledge of where they are located.
  • Speed and certainty in the allocation of files and their resumption when necessary.
  • Elimination of the risk of loss of files.

Technical details


• Archive mapping
Each area of the Archive, containment module and individual physical location is coded. In this way a quick and certain identification of the area of the support plan containing the document being searched for is guaranteed.

• Documents managment
Using search keys (e.g. protocol number, date, etc.) the authorized operator can identify the document of interest and its location. Cyber.doc guides the operator in the operations of document retrieval and relocation through the use of portable radio frequency terminals. This functionality guarantees a fast and certain search and relocation of documents and a drastic reduction of errors. At any time it will be possible to query the System for precise information on "who did what-when".

• Document encoding
The individual documents, uniquely identified by a bar code applied to each one, are assigned to a specific location.

• User managment
Access to Cyber.doc is subject to identification by user name and password. Each operator enabled to use the Information System has its own personal access that can be configured at different levels allowing a total or partial visibility of the Archive. This classification can also be applied, if required, to the subject who only requires consultation of the Archive. This allows a stratified management of the security levels and access to the informative and/or physical consultation of the Archive.

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