M.C.P.S. Multiplo Carousel Picking System

In-line picking and set-up system based on the use of automatic vertical carousels with very high density rotating carriers.

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M.C.P.S. Multiplo Carousel Picking System
M.C.P.S. Multiplo Carousel Picking System
M.C.P.S. Multiplo Carousel Picking System
M.C.P.S. Multiplo Carousel Picking System

MCPS is an integrated system that can be inserted on the main set-up line and that exploits the high storage capacity of CYBER Vertical Carousels.
An intelligent and automated "conveying ring" allows to:
- divert the boxes booked for the required references "in the high storage island" of the MCPS;
- perform automatic box recognition;
- guided picking for the operator;
- the re-insertion of the boxes on the main line.
MCPS concentrates a large number of medium and slow rotation references in a small space, guaranteeing fast and guided picking even with a luminous optical system.


  • High storage density of the references and maximum exploitation of the height of the Warehouse.
  • MCPS is based on the technology of Automatic Multiply Carousels with rotating carrirers.
  • MCPS can be an integral part of a warehouse layout where there are already automatic picking and picking systems.
  • MCPS is a High Space Concentration Warehouse Solution with Semi-Automatic Picking.
  • MCPS is equipped with touch-screen displays for the visualization of the order to be picked, the quantity and the position.

Technical details

  • Width: from 2000 to 4000 mm
  • Height: from 2000 to 6000 mm
  • Capacity: from 3000 to 6000 references
  • Performance: up to 250 lines/hour


Software for the management, handling and tracking of medicines and products contained within the Cyber automated systems.

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