Cyber Horizontal Pharma Carousel

Automatic horizontal carousel for the storage of medicines and medical devices at extremely high density

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Cyber Horizontal Pharma Carousel
Cyber Horizontal Pharma Carousel
Cyber Horizontal Pharma Carousel
Cyber Horizontal Pharma Carousel
Cyber Horizontal Pharma Carousel

Horizontal Carousels are dynamic storage Systems whose operation is based on the use of trucks that rotate horizontally.
In the Horizontal Carousels all materials (in boxes, pallets, etc..) are stored in trucks that turn horizontally and are presented to the operator in the picking door.
The Horizontal Carousels are positioned adjacent to each other without wasting space, combining increased storage capacity and easy picking according to the "goods to man" principle.
The Horizontal Carousels can be equipped in the picking door with pick-to-light systems that make picking precise and fast.
Storage and management are governed by computer systems and transfer systems that significantly improve the efficiency of storage and picking actions.


  • In CYBER HORIZONTAL PHARMA Carousel the material reaches the operator avoiding long and unproductive search times.
  • Each loading unit is easily configurable or reconfigurable to meet the various or changed needs of the customer over time.
  • The Carousel batteries can be positioned in such a way that the picking bay can be easily accessible to a single operator.
  • The principle of "goods to the operator" on which CYBER HORIZONTAL PHARMA Carousel is based allows a high picking and refilling speed.
  • CYBER HORIZONTAL PHARMA Carousel optimizes the warehouse areas thus allowing maximum storage capacity.
  • CYBER HORIZONTAL PHARMA Carousel allows a high flexibility in the configuration of the loading units, allowing to store materials of highly heterogeneous shapes and sizes.

Technical details

CYBER HORIZONTAL PHARMA Carousel is made to measure according to the size of the rooms to be organized.


Software for the management, handling and tracking of medicines and products contained within the Cyber automated systems.

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