Cyber Pharma Cabinets

Mobile cabinet systems for storage of medicines and medical devices

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Cyber Pharma Cabinets
Cyber Pharma Cabinets
Cyber Pharma Cabinets

Cyber Pharma Cabinets is a system of compactable mobile cabinets designed for maximum use of space and perfect organization of products.
This also allows a "dense" storage system with an increase in storage capacity of more than 80% and a recovery of time in the picking of products.
The handling of the Cyber Pharma Cabinets System can be manual with handwheel or automatic with touch screen keyboard.
The Cyber Pharma Cabinets Systems are designed, sized and manufactured for containment and organization:
- Medical Devices (gauze, syringes, medical tubes, IVs, operating room kits, prostheses, orthopaedic material, etc.).
- of pharmaceuticals organized in specific compartments for proper product identification.


  • Reduction of material search time (picking and guided refilling).
  • Total modularity of storage.
  • Reduction of errors in product picking and planting activities.
  • Maximum security because the system provides for the closure of all modules preventing access to unauthorized personnel.
  • Possibility to provide Cyber Pharma Compact of an automatic fire detection and suppression system.
  • Protection of the products from the agents that cause their deterioration such as dust, humidity and light.

Technical details

CYBER PHARMA Cabintes is made to measure according to the size of the rooms to be organized.

The Cyber Pharma Cabinets system can be equipped with a complete pick to light configuration of the carriers.
Each module and each carrier can be equipped with coloured leds for the immediate identification of the area interested in picking and/or refilling.


Software for the management, handling and tracking of medicines and products contained within the Cyber automated systems.

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