Cyber K.A.V. - Kompress & Automated System

Compacting and automation system in the pallet warehouse with automatic controlled Forklift.

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Cyber K.A.V. - Kompress & Automated System
Cyber K.A.V. - Kompress & Automated System
Cyber K.A.V. - Kompress & Automated System

The Kompress & AGV Integrated System is very effective for the Large Volume and Pallet Warehouse Area.

The innovative idea that the KAV System embodies is to combine two important objectives:

  • to increase the storage capacity within the same space.
  • to reduce the passive space dedicated to loading and picking, which implies loading / replenishment and picking procedures as automated as possible.
  • Cyber has combined its Kompress Pallet Racking System on Mobile Compact Bases with double-sided AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle without operator on board) thus obtaining:
  • a complete automation of the pallet warehouse and
  • a significant reduction in the size of the manoeuvring corridor and thus a further saving of space.


  • + 50% space saved
  • + 80% stored material
  • Strong recovery of space in the Warehouse.
  • Certainty in mission times because known and repeatable.
  • Safety in the management of the vehicle because automatic and independent from human errors.
  • Automatic pallet recognition.
  • Pallet position generation.
  • Minimum maintenance required.

Technical details

CYBER K.A.V. - Kompress & Automated Vehicle System is tailor-made according to the size of the rooms to be organized.


Software for the management, handling and tracking of medicines and products contained within the Cyber automated systems.

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