Cyber Cargo Clean

Automatic carousel with rotating carrirers for controlled contamination and Cleanroom environments and areas

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Cyber Cargo Clean
Cyber Cargo Clean

CYBER CARGO Clean, thanks to appropriate technical solutions for its effective cleaning, is the ideal storage solution inside the Clean Room.
CYBER CARGO Clean Vertical Automatic Carousels are designed for products that need to be contained in areas that guarantee a correct and adequate cleaning of the air.
CYBER CARGO Clean Automatic Vertical Carousels are equipped with an internal air filtering and cleaning system.
The continuous internal overpressure, in fact, prevents the introduction of airborne particles from the outside through the extraction area.
CYBER CARGO Clean Vertical Automatic Warehouses can be installed inside Clean Rooms thanks to an effective cleaning system of the area inside the machine.


  • Storage and storage of products in a "clean" warehouse.
  • Increased picking speed.
  • Goods-to-man. The operator receives the required product without having to move.
  • Reduction of time in picking and refilling operations.
  • Access allowed only to authorized operators.
  • Automatic interfacing and piloting through the integrated software Cyber Ge.Far.
  • Inventory always available and updated in real time.
  • Reduction of the timing of global warehouse management activities.

Technical details

• Cargo-Clean in Cleanrooms with classes higher than ISO class7

Painting with super-smooth finish to avoid retention of airborne particles.
Special internal partitioning between the "clean area" of the floors and the "dirty area" where the vertical carousel kinematics reside.
Specific study and application of a system for the introduction, the treatment (HEPA absolute filters), the air circulation inside the Vertical Warehouse (laminar flow) and the subsequent introduction into the environment.

• Cargo-Clean with classes lower than ISO class7

Painting with super-smooth finish to avoid retention of airborne particles.
Special external panelling, which allows easy and precise cleaning of the Vertical Warehouse handling areas.
Internal perforated shelves to facilitate air circulation also inside the Vertical Warehouse.


Software for the management, handling and tracking of medicines and products contained within the Cyber automated systems.

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